Aerial filming for a music video

Back in the summer of 2016, I was commissioned to capture some aerial footage on set of a music video being produced. This consisted of being in a fairly confined space and primarily over a pool, but a very enjoyable and successful shoot. The video can finally be seen below called “Odds are stacked” by…


Aerial Filming The Lake District

Continuing on my travels for a week of shooting, part of this perfume commercial involved going to the Lake District. Surprisingly another first visit for me, but a successful shoot and I cant wait to see the final edit. This included a Fell runner over mountainous land and a rower over Lake Windemere, Images below are what…


Filming at Cornwall at Golden Hour

So a recent project took me to Cornwall to get aerial footage for a perfume commercial of a horse rider galloping up the beach towards St Micheal’s Mount. Graced with amazing morning Golden Hour light, the final edit should look quite special. I cant share any actual images used from the film yet but a…


Night Filming in Brighton with a drone

Due to having permissions in place for Night operations with a drone, I recently captured some night footage for a Brighton & East London based movie which has been years in the making. The power of working with Cinema DNG and a fast lens allowed for nice clean footage and I am really excited to see the…


Autumn in Sussex

After quite a mild winter, and long spell of Autumn, and outside of work commitments I tried to capture some footage of Sussex in its Autumn glory. Mixing mainly ground filming with some drone footage, I created the short film below…


Shoot Locations Aerial and Ground Filming

I was commissioned to capture a mix of aerial footage, and ground footage to promote a shoot locations company based in Brighton. Filmed in a day an edit was created below… Photos were required too

A mix of Inspire 1 RAW, and Sony A7r2

Car Bodywork and hydro dipping company

Working with a local car bodyworks company, I was asked to capture photos and also create a short Promo film of the company. This was a mix of ground and aerial filming which can be seen below. and licensed music which can be seen below..

Aerial Filming for Audi Magazine

In early October I was asked to get aerial footage for Audi magazine of the new Audi Q7 E-Tron. Instead of flying up, I decided to drive up as having all my gear and charging equipment at hand makes life much easier when on the go. Plus taking a drone on the plane is never ideal!…


Aerial filming at the Grove Golf Course

Working with my friends at seethat, I was asked to help get some aerial footage for a promotional video of the very prestigious Golf Club in Watford called The Grove. It was always going to be a bit of a gamble with the weather, but after a bit of a cloudy start we were graced…


British Airways i360 Drone Photography

Working with the British Airways i360 team just before the opening of the i360 tower I was commissioned to capture footage as well as capture photos for promotional purposes. One of these tasks was to try and get some nice early morning shots when the sun is at its best (in my opinion anyway). Using…


Ridgeview Winery Estate in Sussex – Vineyard

So whilst working on a photography assignment which involves lots of businesses, one of them was the Ridgeview Estate Winery. I captured some aerial footage, and some ground footage to create a short promotional edit. FIlmed using the Inspire Pro RAW, and the Sony A7R2 even using some vintage lenses, the edit can be seen below, with…